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  • Building an organization of truth-seeking voices
  • Strengthening unions through conservative principles

    About Us


    Union Conservatives is a 501(c)4 non-profit educational organization.

    Have you ever been persecuted for your beliefs?

    • Have you ever been treated as 'less' than everyone else in your group?
    • Have you ever stood for truth - real truth that represents reality - and have been made to feel like you are the fool?
    • Have you ever been left out of the big picture?
    • Have you ever been part of a group that claims 'solidarity', but in actuality perpetuates division and marginalizes a large number of their membership?
    • Have you ever been afraid to speak the truth due to a hostile work environment?

    Well, I have.  Because I am a Union Conservative.

    Union Conservatives are those who have been searching for truth in the national issues that are important to rank and file union members today.  We are nonpartisan and do not endorse candidates.  Founded by UAW member Terry Bowman, Union Conservatives seeks to inform union members around the country of important labor, political, and cultural issues; and do so based on solid, propaganda-free truth.  If you are one of us and wish to see all union members have liberty to voice their political beliefs, contact us today!  To learn more, email us at:


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