• Bridging the gap between union members and liberty
  • Building an organization of truth-seeking voices
  • Strengthening unions through conservative principles

    Mission Statement

    Union Conservatives is dedicated to bridging the gap between union workers and liberty, building an organization of like-minded voices, and strengthening unions through conservative principles.  We will provide workers with propaganda-free truth in all the labor, economic, and cultural issues facing union members each and every day.

    Union Conservatives is an organization focused on:

    1.  Furnishing union members with labor and political information, free of propaganda and based in truth and reality.

    2.  Providing liberty to union members who have differing political views than their union leadership.

    3.  Training rank and file members on how to be an effective leader of conservative principles in a historically hostile work environment.

    4.  Reshaping union policy to reflect the large numbers of conservative members.

    5.  A conservative union member's fear of persecution is real and intimidating, and can only serve to silence and marginalize a member's 1st amendment guarantee to free speech.  Union members must be freed from intimidation and persecution and we will provide them with information about their rights under the U.S. Constitution, the NLRA (National Labor Relations Act), and with rights determined by historical court precedence. 

    6.  Solidarity can only be achieved when the estimated 40% or more of conservative union members also are represented in the union leadership, and we will strive to train and prepare members for union elected positions.

    7.  The NLRA (National Labor Relations Act) is an outdated law passed 76 years ago that does not reflect the truth of today's global economy.  The act assumes that there is an adversarial relationship between the employee and the employer - right from the start.  The NLRA should be repealed and a new Labor Act should be established.  Union Conservatives will push for legislation to reflect this reality.

    8.  Ultimately reorienting the mindset of the union organization into an organization that acknowledges that the United States is NOT a Socialist country, but a country based in free-market enterprise.  The unions must change to reflect the global economic conditions, and both the right and duty for businesses to survive and earn a profit.

    9.  Bringing truth into the discussions of 'Right-to-work' and 'Card-check'